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2018-2019 Budget Posted

The Scenic Shores Community Association 2018-2019 Budget was approved.  For security reasons, we've placed a copy of the budget in the Internal section of this website.  You must login to view the document.  Contact the SSCA Board for more information.

Gate Key Helpdesk

It is starting to warm up again in the Pacific Northwest and Scenic Shores Community areas.  This is a good time to check your key access to the Scenic Shores Park.

If you have any issues, feel free to contact the Gate Key Helpdesk at: or (360)232-4179.

Volunteers Wanted

We are looking for volunteers to join the Architectural Committee.  If one person on each street would join our Architectural Committee, then it would make the responsibility of keeping the neighborhood looking pristine much easier!  You don't have to join the board to be on the our committee, just have to be a conscientious community member.

Contact for more information.

Scenic Shores Community Association Fence Rules

We received several inquiries into the height limits for fencing around properties.  As stated in the community rules, height limits for:
- Front of properties: four feet (4')
- Side and rear of properties: six feet (6')

Scenic Shores Community Association Key Problem Line
(360) 232-4179

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An updated Proxy Voting form is now available.
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You can now sign up for Direct Debit of your Association Dues.
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If you require assistance with Scenic Shores paperwork, such as Association Dues or property information, etc., please fax all inquiries to (360) 894-8322, or email us at

Be sure to visit our sister site, 
The Scenic Shores Water Company for all water service related inquiries.

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