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The Scenic Shores Community Association is a small and growing community of family-oriented people who draw on the rich history of the region.  Nestled in the shadow of Mt. Rainier on the outskirts of Yelm, we strive to be the best little community in all of Washington State.

Here is a wonderful article about the history of Lake Lawrence, authored by Barry Halverson.


Board of Directors Message: COVID-19 Restrictions on Park/Dock Use

“Sadly, the open parks and beaches is what lead to the outbreaks from Spring break crowds. I sympathize as I want to go out also and I was hoping to have our VFW fishing tournament. While the exercise is good, if you just allowed foot traffic, it would be easier to maintain social distancing. As soon as the water craft add in or any kind of group event then I feel we would be in violation of the Governor’s order and create an unneeded risk. We only have one death in this county and about 60 confirmed cases since early Feb. I advise a bit more patience."

“Tell her to use the public docks.  We would have to hire a monitor/guard.  It’s not the responsible people we have to worry about.  She’s making the mistake of thinking everyone will be responsible like her.  That’s simply not the case.  We have liability so the hard line rule is the park stays shut."

“Sounds reasonable and good argument to not allow any visitation to the park."

“Another thing to consider, Scenic Shores furloughed our grounds keeper… with Ken out … who or whom is going to first: clean up the beach, boat launch, and maintain the road? Second: the bathrooms are not on line at this time. Having people, even on a limited basis, we would need to maintain a bathroom, sanitize them frequently… This whole thing is an ugly sandwich and we all have to take a bite.”

"As you see, there are valid arguments against opening our public spaces until at least the governor lifts the, “Stay home, Stay safe” order. My position is always the same, “What’s my, or, our liability?” It is the job of the Scenic Shores Board of Trustees to look out for everyone’s safety, members & guests, not just the few."

"Rest assured we are working on a plan to have the well field/park open on the first day we can. Watch your email for notice. We will also host some sort of party and try and have Trash Daze as needed."


The next annual meeting will be held on July 18, 2020 at 10AM.

Location: Scenic Shores Park / Well Field

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If you require assistance with Scenic Shores paperwork, such as Association Dues or property information, etc., please fax all inquiries to (360)894-8322 or (360)742-9348.  You can also email us at

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If you require assistance with Scenic Shores paperwork, such as Association Dues or property information, etc., please fax all inquiries to (360) 894-8322, or email us at

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