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Beach Cleanup 2017

With budgets approved in the last Membership Meeting, the team took to task cleaning up the lakeside brush and debris.  Take a look at some of the hard working members of our community.


We wanted to share more community feedback.  Here's a recent note:

"My thanks to Phil for his patience and knowledge of the Scenic Shores Community Association as well as the culture of our community.  While I may not always agree, I know that Phil's plate is more than full and yet he has always listened and attempted a resolution to the situation at hand. 

Having said that, we all need to be aware this is a very diverse world, some will always be happy and others critical and unhappy.  The best we can do as neighbors is to ignore the hate and unhappiness and go on with our lives being content, productive and happy.  This is a good  community with good people and we are all more fortunate than we know.   Again, my special that to Phil and his crew.


Marie Slovak Koepp"

Thank you, Maria, for the support, understanding, and encouragement.  Our intent is indeed to build a strong community that protects each others shared interests.  It is a complex task, but we're committed to doing the right thing.

- The Board of Trustees


We recently received this feedback from one of our community members:

"Could you remind residents, especially on Leona Dr. that they need to get/keep their disposal cans out of sight on the street, in the garage or behind fence or other structure?  I have had to do this for twenty-three years.  I do expect enforcement unless the policy has changed.

Mr C."

Please be courteous to your neighbors and your community.  Maintaining appearances in our neighborhood not only improves curb appeal; it increases our collective property value.  Please join Mr. C. in improving our community standards by keeping trash bins in order, and removing any unsightly items from public view.

Thank you in advance,
The Board of Trustees


During the July 2015 meeting, the membership voted to ban fireworks everywhere except for the park, with violators to be fined up to $1,000. This new rule goes into effect January 1st, 2016.

Fines will be assessed as follows:
- a first violation will receive a $50 fine
- a second violation will receive a $100 fine
- a third violation will receive a $200
- subsequent violations will double until the max of $1,000 is reached.  However, if someone else’s property is damaged, the fine automatically jumps to $200, and the violator is responsible for remediating the property damage caused. In addition, any evidence the Association has will be turned over to the effected property owner.

Just to explain a little about why this is important, last July 4 (during the severe drought of last summer), several grass fires were started as a result of fireworks being set off. While nothing more serious occurred, thanks to the quick reaction of other neighbors, the results could have been much worse, and this is what we, as an association, have decided to do to try to fix this concern BEFORE serious damage occurs.


The Scenic Shores Association Board of Trustees is aware of the recurring problems with key access to the Scenic shores Park.  With increasing frequency keys stop working without cause, prompting a system and key reset.  We completed a root cause analysis investigation and determined that a replacement of the computer system was needed.  The Board of Trustees has voted to replace the aging system.  We are currently reviewing bids, and anticipate that the project will be completed January 18th, 2016.

Thank you for your patience.


We continue to improve the parks and facilities, and we're always looking for your ideas.  We'd like to share some of the feedback we've received about the grounds.

- "Everything went great! Everyone just loved the park. The playset got some good use today from all the little ones running around. And some of the guys got some fishing in. Thank you for changing the date for us." Heather C.